Hypatia Mars

Hypatia Mars is an organization dedicated to advancing Martian research and outreach, promoting space exploration, and fostering scientific vocations, especially among girls and young women


Hypatia Missions have two main objectives:

  • Conduct high-quality space-related research in a Martian simulation environment on a variety of academic fields.
  • Inspire the next generations, with an emphasis on young girls —and other underrepresented groups— interested in pursuing STEM-related careers.


Hypatia Mars is a female-led organization composed of a multidisciplinary, intergenerational team. Each member has a unique personal story, a remarkable academic background, and a deep passion for space and the exploration of Mars


In this analog facility, our crew will conduct research to study the feasibility of a mission to Mars.

We have a card game!

It’s inspired by the Hypatia I crew and their Martian mission at the MDRS. This game has been created by Lastuf.

If you are offered a seat on a spacecraft, don’t ask which seat, just get on!

If you wish to support or know more about our mission, contact us and we will reach back. We are happy to collaborate!