Hypatia II

Hypatia I is a female-led mission to the Mars Desert Research Station in April 2023. Our crew aims to advance Martian research, promote space exploration and enhance scientific vocations



Hypatia has two main objectives:

  • Conduct high-quality space-related research in a Martian simulation environment on a variety of academic fields.
  • Inspire the next generations, with an emphasis on young girls —and other underrepresented groups— interested in pursuing STEM-related careers.


Hypatia I is a multi-disciplinary, inter-generational and all-female crew from Catalonia, Spain, composed of seven primary and two back-up members. Each member has a unique personal story, a remarkable academic background, and a deep passion for space and the exploration of Mars.

Hypatia I Crew


In this analog facility, our crew will conduct research to study the feasibility of a mission to Mars.

We have a card game!

It’s inspired by the Hypatia I crew and their Martian mission at the MDRS. This game has been created by Lastuf.

If you are offered a seat on a spacecraft, don’t ask which seat, just get on!

If you wish to support or know more about our mission, contact us and we will reach back. We are happy to collaborate!