Hypatia I – Mission Log


SOL 12 – A Bittersweet Day on Mars

As the final countdown began, mixed feelings filled the crew on their last hours on Mars. Hypatia I is returning…
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SOL 11- The Final Countdown: Earth is in sight

Today is a special day on Mars. The Crew Commander of Hypatia I, Mariona Badenas-Agustí, is celebrating her birthday. Curiously,…
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SOL 10 – Harvesting Martian results

The crew members of Hypatia I were relieved to enjoy a warmer day on Mars as the temperature climbed above…
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SOL 9 – Martian Days, Universe-Sized Dreams

The wind is a constant presence at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS). The sound of the canvas flapping against…
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SOL 8 – A second orbit around Mars

The crew of Hypatia I woke up with a smile as they were thinking about the breathtaking experience of last…
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SOL 7 – A Red Rose for a Red Planet

The crew members of Hypatia I were feeling homesick on April 23rd. This is a special day in Catalonia, also…
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SOL 6 – Loud and Clean

Saturday’s sun came without warning. Hypatia I crew members woke up lazily and they slowly sat around the table to…
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SOL 5 – Together in Isolation

Hypatia I is excited about the experiments all crew members are conducting. Collaboration and sharing ideas are essential for the…
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SOL 4 – A Martian home in the making

The day began with no wind at the MDRS, but it was very cold outside with a temperature of only…
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SOL 3 – Indoor Adventures for a Windy Day on Mars

The Hypatia crew members are getting into the swing of things on Mars. They have a structured daily schedule, divided…
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