Hypatia I participates in a female astronauts meeting

Carla Conejo,  Crew Executive Officer and biologist of Hypatia I, participated in a meeting about female astronauts on 29th April in the framework #100tífiques, a program organized by FCRI and BIST.

The meeting was focused on future space journeys to Mars. In this context, Conejo explained the female-led mission Hypatia I to the Mars Desert Research Station in April 2023 to more than one hundred high school students in Castellterçol (Catalonia, Spain) 

The other speakers of the session were Fatoumata Kébé, French astrophysicist and educator, and Beatriz Iribarren from the European Space Agency (ESA). While Kébé studies the role of pollution in space, Iribarren analyzes food and waste management in long-distance space travel. 

#100tífiques is an initiative organized by the Fundació Catalana per la Recerca (FCRI) and the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST), which highlights the role of women as scientists.