About Hypatia Mars

Hypatia Mars is a female-led organization dedicated to advancing Martian research and outreach, promoting space exploration, and fostering scientific vocations

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Our Mission

The mission of the Hypatia Mars Association is driven by three core objectives, each designed to bring space exploration and science closer to society while promoting diversity and excellence in STE(A)M careers:

  • Advancing research excellence in space exploration.
  • Engaging society through science and outreach activities.
  • Promoting female role models in STE(A)M careers, particularly among girls and young women, to enhance representation and visibility across all fields of knowledge.

Hypatia Mars is a groundbreaking project aimed at inspiring the next generation, focusing especially on young girls and other underrepresented groups.

The meanings of Hypatia

Named after Hypatia of Alexandria, the first known female scientist in history, this initiative not only pays tribute to her unparalleled contributions but also serves as a symbol of female leadership and vision. It stands as a testament to the acknowledgment that women rightfully deserve, yet have frequently been denied throughout history.