Carla Conejo González

Crew Executive Officer & Crew Biologist

B.Sc. in Human Biology, M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry, Postgraduate Degree in Science Communication, former Head of Science Programs at Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, and cofounder of Polaris.

Carla Conejo González is the cofounder of Polaris, a science-travel app. She is also the former Head of Science Programs at the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera. She earned a degree in Human Biology by the Pompeu Fabra University, a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry by the same university and a postgraduate’s degree in Science Communication by the University of Vic. She has done research in neurobiology at the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona, in Spain, and the University of Bologna, in Italy. She has worked as scientific advisor and documentalist in the TV3 program Quèquicom. She has also been volunteer and Director of International Relations in MAGMA, Association for Promoting Youth Research, representative at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in the USA, and Vice-President of the science diplomacy association Scientists Dating Forum. She combines her passion for science education and outreach with travelling to get to know better this special planet that we have been lucky to inhabit.