Women on Mars: the documentary

WOMEN ON MARS was released June 18th 2024, a documentary film that narrates the adventure of the Hypatia I crew during their analog mission in April 2023 at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in the Utah desert, United States. The expedition also served to raise awareness of major themes such as the exploration of the universe and the role of women in the space race. 

To date, no woman has set foot on the Moon, and out of the nearly 600 astronauts throughout the space race, just over 80 are women. WOMEN ON MARS documents this female scientific adventure and traces the very brief history of women in space. The documentary has a clear inspirational vocation and contributes to the creation of contemporary role models to encourage girls and young women to pursue scientific careers and explore the universe.

This documentary has been directed by Anna Montserrat, and produced by B23 Films with the participation of RTVE, in collaboration with CSIC, and the associated production of CaixaForum+. 

The premier took place at CaixaForum Barcelona and counted with the presence of more than 200 people, where the main sponsors and patterns of the Hypatia I mission were invited. Members of the Hypatia I and Hypatia II crews also attended the event, as well as representatives of B23 Films, RTVE, CSIC and CaixaForum. 

The documentary WOMEN ON MARS is now available online on RTVEPlay and CaixaForum+. It will also be aired on La 2 national TV on June 22 at 8:30 p.m. in the original uncut version.