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Hypatia was the first known female scientist in history. She was an extraordinary talented astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher, and she lived in Alexandria, Egypt, during the Roman Empire, around the fourth and fifth century AD.

In this patch, Hypatia is represented as a leading figure next to planet Earth and Mars. Surrounding her are nine shining stars, which symbolize the nine crew members of Hypatia I — the first Catalan female-led mission to the Mars Research Desert Station (April 2023).

The Hypatia I crew is composed of Mariona Badenas, Carla Conejo, Ariadna Farrés, Laia Ribas, Núria Jar, Neus Sabaté, Cesca Cufí, Helena Arias, and Anna Bach. Together, we hope to advance Martian research and promote space exploration.

We will wear the Hypatia’s patch on our analog spacesuits with the hopes of inspiring everyone —but especially girls— to pursue scientific careers, as Hypatia of Alexandria did over time. Follow us during our Martian adventures!