Laia Ribas introduces Hypatia at Woman4Space Conference

Laia Ribas, GreenHab Officer of Hypatia I, presented mission at the Women4Space Conference, organized by the Women in Aerospace (WIA) – Europe Barcelona local chapter on November 17th 2021. 

In her lecture “Biology in Space: biological studies to improve human exploration in Mars”, Ribas talked about the biological experiments that she will conduct at the Mars Research Desert Station (MDRS), which is a Mars analog station where biological experiments can be performed in a Martian simulation environment.  

Laia’s study on the effects of gravity on zebrafish will help to understand the physiological problems that these animals experience in Mars-like conditions, including alterations of the molecular pathways in cells. 

Finally, Ribas also talked about Nüwa, the first city that can sustain itself and its own growth on Mars, as well as about her experiments in the lab.