La Pedrera will host the post-mission event of Hypatia I

Hypatia I will be presenting the main results of the mission to the general public on Friday, June 16th. This special event is a collaborative effort with the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, one of the main partners of the Hypatia I mission, and a renowned organization which encourages people with a calling for science. The event will be held at the iconic building designed by the renowned modernist architect Antoni Gaudí, located in the heart of Barcelona. 

Hypatia’s post-mission event at La Pedrera will feature a keynote addressed by the crew members of Hypatia I crew, who will share the achievements and discoveries made during the analog mission, which took place from 16th to 29th of April at the analog station Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), at the Utah desert, in the United States. In particular, they will share their firsthand experience of their time, and they will present –for the first time– images and data collected through their projects and experiments.

This event will allow the general public to better understand the experience of Hypatia I crew at the MDRS and will be especially targeted to young students, who will have a unique opportunity to learn more about the mission and about how to get involved with the Hypatia Mars Association. 

Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation is a private, independent foundation aimed at making a positive impact on people’s quality of life. With that mission, it works on the fields of society, sustainability and science, creating projects and opportunities for collaborative action.