Hypatia participates in a new edition of #100tifiques

Neus Sabaté, research professor and crew engineer of Hypatia I, presented the Hypatia I mission during a session titled “Female Astronauts – the year of Joan Oró” and organized in the framework of the #100tífiques 2023 program.

The event, which took place at the Cappont auditorium of the University of Lleida, brought together other Catalan scientists with a passion for space, including Beatriz Iribarren, a member of the MELiSSA project from the European Space Agency, and Rosa Gil, professor at the University of Lleida. 

During her talk, Sabaté talked about the interest of space research and the engineering challenges of taking astronauts to the planet Mars before 2040. Her presentation focused on the analog mission that will take her to the Mars Desert Research Station, as well as the scientific work on «Martian batteries» that she will carry out during her 2-week  stay in the Utah desert. 

The talk was broadcasted on streaming and followed on-site by the students of the Joan Oró Institute, who enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the event.

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