Hypatia I receives the support of leading space-based Earth observation technology company isardSAT

The company isardSAT, a leader in space-based Earth observation technologies, supports the Hypatia I mission to the Mars Desert Research Station in April 2023. 

Founded in Barcelona in 2006, isardSAT aims to improve our understanding of the Earth through the development of innovative engineering and scientific research projects. 

Its activities include the conception of radar altimetry equipment to measure ocean, ice, and ground elevation; the development of data processing algorithms, and the calibration and validation of Earth Observation (EO) instruments. isardSAT also performs studies for scientific applications with the data obtained by Earth Observation sensors. Through Lobelia Earth, isardSAT’s services unit, EO data and climate projections are used for the assessment of vulnerabilities, risks, and opportunities associated to climate scenarios. 

The founder and director of isardSAT, Mònica Roca i Aparici, has more than twenty-five years of experience in the space industry, having worked in the European Space Agency as a radar altimetry system engineer for EnviSat and as the head of the  Earth Observation department in PiLDo Labs. 

The Hypatia Mars Association is thankful to isardSAT for sponsoring Hypatia I and sharing its mission and values.