Hypatia I members participate in Biennal Ciutat i Ciència to talk about space exploration

Ariadna Farrés, Crew Scientist and Health and Safety Officer of Hypatia I, and Núria Jar, Crew Journalist, participated in the last edition of Biennal Ciutat i Ciència, organized by the Barcelona city council. Carme Jordi, professor of astronomy at the University of Barcelona, was also part of the talk.

The activity, named “Biopics and science experienced in the first person”, aimed to explain the practice of a field of research, in this case space exploration, from the experience of people with a consolidated trajectory, such as Farrés and Jordi. Jar chaired the conversation between the two scientists, involved in NASA and ESA, respectively.

These two Catalan female researchers shared their experiences in international programmes such as ESA’s Gaia Mission  and the NASA James Webb telescope. In addition,  they also gave their views on the role played by female scientists.

After the conversation, the audience watched the film “Hidden figures” to discover the story of three female African-American mathematicians who worked at NASA during the space race.