Hypatia closes its first educational program with hundreds of students

Hypatia’s crew participated in the final session of its first educational program: a “Course for Astronauts.” The course, aimed at children ages 6-12 who dream of becoming astronauts, has been offered through the education platform Habilis.cat, promoted by SOM-Abacus. 

The final session of the course was held in the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), in the context of the Fixing the Future Festival. During this event, Hypatia met around 100 students  and their families, and summarized some of the most important lessons from the educational program in the fields of astronomy, engineering, health, biology and communication. 

Afterwards, Hypatia crewmembers delivered diplomas to the “aspiring” astronauts, some of whom had attended the event with their creations, such as scientific posters and space mockups.

One of the main goals of the “Course for Astronauts” is to promote scientific vocations, especially among young  girls –a goal shared by the Hypatia mission more broadly.