Girl in Space Club will produce Hypatia’s spacesuits

The Hypatia Mars Association is proud to announce a collaboration with Girl in Space ClubTM (GISC), a company led by NASA rocket scientist and atmospheric physicist Sabrina Thompson, which seeks to inspire women of all ages through fun scientific and artistic activities. 

In addition to its STEM educational program, sci-fi book, STEMulating Art, and space-related apparel, GISC has recently launched a kickstarter campaign to manufacture the first spacesuit for women (#makingspaceforwomen). To date, spacesuits have been designed to fit a generic set of operational requirements, but they have been mainly tailored to the male body. With its kickstarter campaign, GISC aims to produce the first functional, comfortable, and fashionable spacesuit for women using different composite materials. 

The Hypatia I crew will be using the spacesuits designed by GISC during its analog mission at the MDRS in April 2023. Furthermore, it is working on future activities with GISC to promote STEM careers among young girls. 

We encourage all the Hypatia supporters to donate to the GISC’s kickstarter campaign to ensure that these innovative spacesuits become a reality for future female space explorers!